Mallards at the Castle.

On monday I spent an enjoyable hour sat on the side of Duns Castle lake with my camera and a pot of bird seed.I got there just before 3.00pm and so made the most of the late winter sunshine.I concentrated on the mallards but also had coot,moorhen and greylag geese feeding in front of me.

Mallards are attractive little ducks and often overlooked by photographers,even though they are so common in our local ponds and lakes.

These little bursts of photographic activity are always enjoyable and so here are some of the results.

About Phil Mclean

Hi, my name is Phil Mclean. I'm a nature photographer living in Berwickshire,in the Scottish Borders.I enjoy photographing all aspects of nature,from the birds and the bees,to the mammals and the trees. I just love being out in the countryside whenever possible and preferably with a camera. Although I do make it difficult for myself,as I'm normally accompanied by my photographic assistant, Ollie,my springer spaniel dog. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures that I post and if you have the time and the inclination,please leave a comment. Thanks.
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  1. Jim Wilson says:

    What no Ollie bet he was huffed.

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