The Blue tit.

The easy way to photograph a few garden birds.1.Set up a feeding station outside your window(kitchen in my case),within range of your longest lens.Set up a post next to the nuts/seeds,on which to attach a natural perch(twig/branch/whatever).I use garden wire to secure the perch but make sure the post and wire are not in your final image.Also make sure that the background looks natural and out of focus in your image.

2.Set the camera/lens on a tripod,or other means of support,focus on the perch,wait for bird to land and quickly switch focus to the eye.Click,swear when the bird moves too quickly,then wait for the next one.In the meantime sip your coffee,eat your toast,go to the loo,come back,do some dusting,come back,make the bed,whatever.You’re in the warm,nice and dry,birds are coming to you and you can spend as much or as little time as you want.

3.When you’ve got enough images on one perch,change it for another.

Here’s a few blue tits.

Blue tit in my Chirnside,Berwickshire garden.

Blue tit in my Chirnside,Berwickshire garden.

Blue tit 5. Blue tit 7. Blue tit 1. Blue tit 11. Blue tit 3. Blue tit 6. Blue tit 8. Blue tit 10. Blue tit 9. Blue tit 12.

Blue tit in my Chirnside,Berwickshire garden.

Blue tit in my Chirnside,Berwickshire garden.

About Phil Mclean

Hi, my name is Phil Mclean. I'm a nature photographer living in Berwickshire,in the Scottish Borders.I enjoy photographing all aspects of nature,from the birds and the bees,to the mammals and the trees. I just love being out in the countryside whenever possible and preferably with a camera. Although I do make it difficult for myself,as I'm normally accompanied by my photographic assistant, Ollie,my springer spaniel dog. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures that I post and if you have the time and the inclination,please leave a comment. Thanks.
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