More Creepies.

I’m still carrying the macro lens when Ollie takes me for a walk down by the river.There’s generally something to photograph on each visit,although a combination of the wind,flighty insects and Ollie’s nose means you’re not always successful in your quest.The macro is certainly a lot lighter on the shoulder than the long lens but frustrating when you have an otter swimming up the river within 15 metres,as I did this week.

Anyway here’s a few more images and who knows, maybe an otter next time.

Shield Bug after a shower.

Bumble bee resting on figwort.

This shield bug was resting on the colourful meadowsweet leaves.

Grasshopper sunning itself on loose rock.

This shield bug was climbing down the meadowsweet stem.

Managed to escape the mouth of the trout,so far.

This forest(shield) bug was sheltering on a grass stem,during a rain shower.


















This peacock butterfly was at rest on the ground,as the sun disappeared briefly behind a cloud.

That’s all for now.

About Phil Mclean

Hi, my name is Phil Mclean. I'm a nature photographer living in Berwickshire,in the Scottish Borders.I enjoy photographing all aspects of nature,from the birds and the bees,to the mammals and the trees. I just love being out in the countryside whenever possible and preferably with a camera. Although I do make it difficult for myself,as I'm normally accompanied by my photographic assistant, Ollie,my springer spaniel dog. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures that I post and if you have the time and the inclination,please leave a comment. Thanks.
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2 Responses to More Creepies.

  1. Viv Potts says:

    Wow! What a great set of macro photos Phil…really like them.

  2. Phil Mclean says:

    Thanks Viv.Nothing to stop you now,with that cracking new lens.

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