And some more macro.

Here’s a few more macro shots while walking Ollie down by the River Whiteadder this past week or so.

Caterpillar feeding on burdock leaf.

Common as muck!

Chomping.(technical term!)

Red eyed and hungover.

Not great camouflage for this grasshopper.

About Phil Mclean

Hi, my name is Phil Mclean. I'm a nature photographer living in Berwickshire,in the Scottish Borders.I enjoy photographing all aspects of nature,from the birds and the bees,to the mammals and the trees. I just love being out in the countryside whenever possible and preferably with a camera. Although I do make it difficult for myself,as I'm normally accompanied by my photographic assistant, Ollie,my springer spaniel dog. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures that I post and if you have the time and the inclination,please leave a comment. Thanks.
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5 Responses to And some more macro.

  1. Colin Finbow says:

    Hi Phil. Still enjoying your photos- especially the Demoiselle. What beautiful creatures. You`ve inspired me to try my hand at photography. Its certainly not easy !! I think I need better lenses, more patience and loads of advice. In fact I had better stick to painting. Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos in the future. Regards Colin

    • Phil Mclean says:

      Thanks very much Colin.I see you’re using your painting of my kingfisher photo as your facebook profile image.Nice one.

      • Iain Cowe says:

        Hi Phil,
        That caterpillar…the black one with the yellow strips on Butterbur.. That caterpillar has been very difficult to identify indeed. Today I found one myself and deduced that it was a Sawfly at least…and finally I am able to confidently announce its identity….drum roll…..Tenthredo Mandibularis!! If you Google the name there are plenty photos of the caterpillar and adult Sawfly alike. I had a further look around to see how common or rare the species may be….only a handful of sightings nationwide…then, who would be looking for it. Please ignore me if you knew all this already…


        • Iain Cowe says:

          Hi Phil…again….Burdock…correction…mine was on Butterbur today…Iain.

          • Phil Mclean says:

            Thanks for the info Ian.I had no idea what the caterpillar was or that it is possibly quite rare.Mind you,with both of us finding one,it seems to be getting more common by the day!

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