Ollie and I have been down the river again with the macro lens.The weather has been pretty dull again but as long as it is not too breezy it’s fine for insect photography.I like to use natural light,as opposed to flash,and so I’m often using shutter speeds of less than 1/30th sec and therefore it is essential for me to use a tripod,cable release and the mirror lock up facility on the camera.I have to be slow,careful and deliberate while I position the camera on the tripod close to the subject,line the camera lens up to get the whole subject as sharply focused as possible and then time the actual picture taking for when the plant and insect are as still as possible.If there is any sort of a breeze,or the insect is moving slightly,the actual picture taking can take a while.This is where a certain amount of patience is required,particularly on Ollies’ part,as he wants to be jumping about and exploring.But he’s a good boy and is getting better and better.

Of course you can spend lots of time setting up,waiting for a lull in the breeze,only to see your subject walk,jump or fly off at the critical time.But that’s nature photography for you and the next photo opportunity will be just around the corner.































Thanks for looking and please leave a comment if you have the time.Any ideas,improvements?Anything I could be doing differently?

Bye bye from me.And Bye bye from Ollie.

About Phil Mclean

Hi, my name is Phil Mclean. I'm a nature photographer living in Berwickshire,in the Scottish Borders.I enjoy photographing all aspects of nature,from the birds and the bees,to the mammals and the trees. I just love being out in the countryside whenever possible and preferably with a camera. Although I do make it difficult for myself,as I'm normally accompanied by my photographic assistant, Ollie,my springer spaniel dog. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures that I post and if you have the time and the inclination,please leave a comment. Thanks.
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8 Responses to Damsels.

  1. Jennifer Murtagh says:

    Amazing colour on such a cloudy day like today, I am in awe as always. Must get out to play soon with my macro lens

  2. Fern Trujillo says:

    Great Work, thanks for sharing..

  3. Billy says:

    great Pictures

  4. Lee Summersby says:

    Nice set of shots Phil, good to see that you have got nice damsels up there, they must help to keep down the midges !!

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